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April 2009 - BrainLine Video Series

The following video series comes courtesy of BrainLine from an interview with Dr. Jeffrey Kreutzer and Dr. Taryn Stejskal on April 24, 2009. The full interview has been broken up into nine shorter videos addressing the individual topics below.

For transcripts, please visit the main page here and then access each individual video's video page from the list. 

 1. What Happens to a Family After Brain Injury? 

 2. When Couples Should Seek Help: 

 3. Services Provided at VCU: 

 4. Adolescents and TBI: 

 This video is currently unavailable. 

 5. The Uniquness of the VCU Approach: 

 6. VCU Research and Areas of Interest: 

 7. How TBI Can Affect Marriage:    

 8. The Importance of Maintaining Positivity and Hope Post-Injury: 

 9. Working With Couples in Crisis: