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Links & Resources

List of VCU TBI Websites

  • TBI Conferences:
     The official website of the Williamsburg Brain Injury Rehabilitation Conference. Occurring annually since 1977, the Williamsburg conference is the longest running brain injury rehabilitation conference in the world and features internationally renowned faculty.
  • VCU PM&R Psychology & Neuropsychology:
     Official website for the PM&R Psychology & Neuropsychology department at VCU.
  • National Resource Center for TBI at VCU:
     Official site for the NRC for TBI. The NRC is focused on providing relevant, practical information for professionals, persons with brain injury, and family members. With more than two decades of experience and input from both consumers and experts, we have developed a wide variety of assessment tools, intervention programs, training programs, and rehabilitation literature. In addition to hosting many articles, sample chapters from NRC books, and frequently asked questions about brain injury, the NRC also has many publications available at our online store.

  • TBI Today:  
    A quarterly publication by the VCU TBI Model system, TBI Today features project updates, articles for survivors and caregivers, FAQs, advice columns, book reviews, and more. All back issues from the past ten years are available for free, and you can also join our mailing list to receive new issues by email.

Advocacy Organization Links:

  • Brain Injury Association of America
     The official site features state office contacts; media resource references (books, tapes, video); information on injury types, coma, evaluation; pediatric information (e.g., prevention, fact sheet); facts and figures. A community forum and bulletin board are also provided.
  • The Brain Injury News and Information Blog
     Dedicated to providing the latest news on brain injury and is designed to be a valuable resource for professions, persons who have sustained a brain injury and familiy members. New developments in medicine, legislation, law, sports, events, meetings, and injury prevention are reported on a daily basis.
  • Brain Injury Resource Center
     The resources and services on this page are designed to help you understand a variety of issues surrounding brain injury. It is broken down into areas of life. Each section addresses specific issues and is followed bu links to additional information and resources.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
     The purpose of this site is to educate and empower caregivers and survivors of traumatic brain injuries. This site aims to ease to transition from shock and despair at the time of a brain injurt to coping and problem solving.
  • Brain Injury Chat: peer support for people living with a brain injury
     Real-time chat support for survivors of traumatic brain injury. This java-enabled site may take a few minutes to download, but may be a great resource, especially for those with limited transportation resources.
  • A Place to Share
     TBI Home is a peer support website for people living with brain injury, their families and friends to support each other by sharing their experiences.
  • Brain Injury Society (BIS)
     The Brain Injury Society is committed to empowering pwersons living with conditions cuased by a brain inury. The organization works with clients, families and caregivers to identify strategies and techniques to maximize the new found potentials for a stronger reocvery.
  • Family Caregiving Alliance Resource Center, National Center on Caregiving
     Resources and links: California's Caregiver Resource Centers; quick facts about common brain impairments; publications and fact sheets; public policy and long-term care; links to other resources; research articles; request for participants in non-FCA research studies.
  • TBI Resouce Guide, Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS)
     Information and links about brain injury, treatment, resources, publications, and products.
  • Brainline
     Resources specifically broken fown for people with TBI, for families and friends, and for professionals
  • The TBI Recovery Network
     The Brain Injury Recovery Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims and families of brain and other serious injuries. The website provides practical advcice from people who have suffered through the same experience. Their goal is to provide information and support for both the crisis and the long-term care phases of recovery as well as prevention programs.