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BIFI Video Samples

The following segments are selections from of a video training DVD that VCU uses during BIFI trainings and offers as a supplement to the purchase of the BIFI kit. The complete DVD offers counseling segments from each BIFI topic that can be useful to clinicians who are learning to implement the program or to clinicians wishing to strengthen their clinical implementation of the BIFI. Please contact Dr. Emilie Godwin at for more information on how to purchase the BIFI training DVD.

Topic One: What is normal for brain injury?
In this segment, a therapist facilitates discussion surrounding a young married couple’s responses to the Brain Injury Problem Checklist.


Topic Three: Emotional and physical recovery are two different things.
The therapist discusses the difference between emotional and physical recovery, while soliciting input from the survivor and caregiver.

Topic Five: Coping with loss and change.
The therapist reviews the “Help You Need Guides” associated with this topic and demonstrates their effectiveness as a therapeutic tool.